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  Success Stories: Penpals Testimonials


This is what some of our existing/past members have had to say about membership of British Penpals:

"I  joined as I liked the fact that it was a penpal site, not a dating site, as I wasn't sure I even wanted a relationship at the time, but I've always enjoyed writing.

I always recommend you to any of my friends who are divorced and looking for friendship, as it is much more difficult when you are older to get out and meet people and your site doesn't put people under any pressure to meet up or date. Thanks again!"


'Joining British Penpals was a great idea of mine (I don't get many), and because of it I have made many new friends with similar interests to my own. Thank you so much"


"I was recently a member of your web site, but I decided to leave after not receiving much response. I jumped the gun!!!! I couldn't have been more wrong and have now met some lovely people, it just took them a while to respond. I was wondering if it was possible for me to rejoin your site? Please let me know if that is the case and whether I would just follow the same joining procedure as first timers?"

Kim :
"A great site and a great way of meeting people. excellent. Thank you"

"Thank you, this is a great site and I have recommended it to friends."

Nikki :
"I have had a great laugh chatting to some of the penpals you have put me in touch with."

Graham :
"I have had over a dozen replies from some lovely ladies and I have met someone very special through your site."

Adrian :
" I would like to thank you for the good work that you do with your British penpals site, I for one have no complaints and have been recommending your site to my friends whom are also in the forces."

"I would like to cancel my membership with British Pen Pals. I have made enough new friends to keep me going for some time. I want to thank you for the best pen pal web site on the globe. The service was always very professional and each issue or question was always handled in a prompt manner."

"I have two very wonderful penpals ad need not look any further in my search. I will keep you posted with any developments, but they are two very unique and special guys and I am lucky to find such like minded people to correspond with. This website is excellent, many thanks"

"I think I'd like to be removed from your site (not that I don't like it, in fact I met a great girl on it)."

"I would like to cancel my membership with you as I have made lots of new friends! thanks for your service you've been great..........

"Please cancel my membership immediately. I’ve met a great bloke in the forces thanks to this site and don’t need to find any more."

Jane :
"Thank you for introducing me to ??? we have been writing to each other for a few weeks now and he plans to come to Northern Ireland for a visit in 8 weeks time when he gets leave. You never know what might happen so watch this space."

"Please cancel my subscription to your excellent service, I have had so many replies that I need time out to concentrate on the penpals I already have!"

David :
"At the moment I am really busy with the penpals I have met in this site. To that end can you please remove my profile from the site. Thank you."

Pat :
"The British Penpals site is the best I have found to date."

Lynn :
" I have started writing to someone already - only been with you for 2 weeks! Thanks for your prompt responses."

Bruce :
"Could you please take my ad off your web-site? The response was great, and I have more pen-pals then I can handle.....Thank you very much."

Anne :
"Thank you for the addresses, and for being so prompt with my requests. that's a great website you've got there, and the best one for getting penpals I've ever seen."

Elaine :
"I'm really glad I joined British Penpals as I've been in regular contact with someone now for quite a long time and I think this will continue. You provide a great service, connecting people, so keep up the good work !"

Claire :
"An excellent site though and if I can find time to contact any more people. I'll gladly re-join!"

Kay :
"At the moment I am corresponding with quite a few people and honestly don't think I could cope with any more, but seriously thank you for the service and have already recommended you to friends and family."

Sarah :
"Please cancel my membership as last October I met the nicest guy through your site and we are moving in together in this October - even my dogs love him!!!!!"

Ian :
"I wish to continue my membership with British Penpals and would like to congratulate you on running an excellent website."

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