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  Success Stories: Penpals Marriages

  British Penpals was set up 1999 for people to have fun, make friends and maybe even find romance through our site. Here are just a few of the success stories we can tell you about:

August 2014 email from Gaynor:

I joined in 2006 and began writing to Dave, who was attached to the Royal Navy & somewhere off the coast of Sierra Leone at the time! I liked the fact that it was a penpal site, not a dating site, as I wasn't sure I even wanted a relationship at the time, but I've always enjoyed writing.

We met up the week before Christmas 2006, with the intention of just being friends, but 2 days later we started dating & 6 years later to the day, we married! (His mother said 'about time'!)
Our lives have completely changed (for the better!) He is the love of my life. Our paths would never have crossed were it not for your site, so thank you!
I always recommend you to any of my friends who are divorced and looking for friendship, as it is much more difficult when you are older to get out and meet people and your site doesn't put people under any pressure to meet up or date. Thanks again!

February 2011 e-mail from Lindsey:

We both signed up for the website back in the beginning of 2008, we were just looking for someone to talk to really. We both e-mailed back and forth for several months, I lived in the UK and Tim lived in the USA, Tim at the time was on deployment on board the USS  Ronald Reagan.

We sent each other thousands of emails while he was on deployment and letters too. While we were writing to each other is became apparent that we had strong feelings for each other.

In October 2008 we decided that December when he got back that we would meet, So on December 6th 2008 I boarded a plane bound for San Diego. we spent a fantastic week, once I went home we missed each other so much so in Feb 2009 I flew back to the USA for a stay with him as he was due to go back out on another deployment in May, while I was there he proposed to me on Imperial Beach at night.

We were engaged six months, I had to back home while Tim went on deployment and I flew back home to wait for Tim to get back. In October 2009 the day he got back from a deployment we got married :) and as they say the rest is history. I want to Thank your website for bringing the best thing into my life my amazing husband.

March 2009: e-mail from Timothy
"Thanks to your website I have found my soul mate and we plan on marrying in October"

February 2009: e-mail from Bradley
I would like to cancel my membership.  It has served it's purpose.  I've met
and married a stunning woman who contacted me via your site.  Thank you

June 2008: e-mail from Louise
"I just wanted to say that it is thanks to this website that I met my partner. We started to write to each other whilst he was in Afghanistan, we wrote for 7 months and we met each other when he came home. We have now been with other for over a year and we are planning our long term future together. I never dreamt that I would find the love of my life on this site but it is thanks to you that we found each other."

May 2008: e-mail from Lindsay
"I finally met this wonderful man, from the forces after chatting in Afghanistan and were planning on getting married in September this year. We are really really happy."

April 2008: e-mail from Dawn
"I would like to cancel my subscription please; reason being I met an amazing guy on the site at the beginning of the year, a former US Marine and we hit it off straight away.  We've already met up in the USA and I am going back out to see him again in May with a view to making permanent plans."

November 2007: e-mail from Margaret
"I joined a couple of years ago at a time when I was feeling very lonely. I could never have imagined how it would change my life, I'm now happily engaged to be married to a terrific guy I started writing to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

July 2004: e-mail from Cathy:

"I have found that special someone through your site! So I would like to cancel membership ASAP please. Yes we are to be married on the 2nd April 2005 we are both so happy and once married I will be going to live with him in the USA Thank you very much"

We received the following e-mail on Christmas Day 2003:
"I just wanted to write and congratulate you on a brilliant website. Thanks to this site, I have met my fiancé who is in the RAF, and we are getting married in March 2005. Thank you so much for such a great site, all the best for 2004."

penpal marriage - megan and david married in scotlandIn October 2003 Megan and David married in Scotland.
David is in the British Army and met Megan after they started writing to each other via British Penpals. After twelve months of correspondence, Dave popped the question, and Megan answered yes.

They are pictured here at the ceremony which took place with Dave in full traditional Scottish regalia. Congratulations to them both and we wish them all the best for their future together!

penpal marriage - jo and nick married in englandIn June 2003 Jo and Nick married in England
In June 2003 more good news, Jo and Nick got married, 18 months after first making contact with each other via British Penpals.

Jo hails from Warwickshire and Nick is serving with the British Army. They are now happily settled down again. We wish them all the best as man and wife!

penpal marriage - donald married tricia in usaNovember 2001 - Donald marries Tricia in US

This was our first ever British Penpals marriage, and understandably we were delighted to here the news from Donald and Tricia.

In November 2001, we passed the details of Donald, who at the time was serving in the American Forces to Tricia who lives in Illinois.

After corresponding via British Penpals they arranged to meet up in January 2002. To our delight, they announced their engagement soon afterwards and were married in July 2002!!

Penpals Marriage Update!
An update on DJ and Tricia - they have now moved to New York and on Sept 28th 2003, Tricia gave birth to Danielle, who weighed in at 6 lbs and 9 ozs! Congratulations to all 3 of them!!

We would be delighted to hear of any other stories you may have about penpals you have met/written to during your time as a member of British Penpals. Please write to us at

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