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Michael,86 from Suffolk (England)
Retired Bank official, enjoying 30 years of retirement. Spent most of that time going back and forth to Spain. But unfortunately my wife was refused treatment there for cancer so we came back to UK.

Terry,80 from Northamptonshire (England)
I am an active retired farmer who is now involved in owning and maintaining a B & B . Well travelled and like to think I have been lucky enough to achieve interesting goals . I enjoy quite large projects and  take pleasure in completing them. I enjoy writing mail and hearing about others lives

David,74 from Victoria (Australia)
Retired from IT but could have been a social scientist. Also interested in ethics, opinions, beliefs, truth, singing and lots more. Emigrated to Australia in 1970 aged 28 (why? Greed!). Have family including enchanting (mostly) granddaughters. The idea of returning to England to die has a certain appeal. Looking for a UK-based penpal-ette to help me explore the pros and cons of doing so.

Michael,70 from Florida
I am a retired tall handsome cauc.- blue eyed - male, proportionate weight and build who likes old movies, coffee shops and restaurants. I am divorced with out children. You could be a woman of similar age and interests.

Hugh,68 from Leicestershire (England)
Hi, I'm retired. My interests are art, cycling and theatre; anything from Shakespeare to Broadway! I also enjoy travel, literature and North American history. I would like to make new friends with similar interests

Michael,63 from Essex (England)
Friendly young hearted male living near London & lovely countryside wants to exchange mail with a married woman living in the UK or US, CAN, OZ up to the age of 50. I am a Genuine, relaxed good listener.

Mathias,61 from Germany
Hi, I am a German male, very interested in British culture, life style, history and traditions. Looking for a pen pal to learn more and change opinions about that matter. And to improve my English.

Robert,58 from Gloucestershire (England)
I'm looking to meet single ladies worldwide to converse with and for  sharing experiences and hopefully long term friendship

Chris, 55 Lisburn (Northern Ireland)
 I have an eclectic taste in music. I love travelling, reading, golf and walking.

James,55 from New Mexico
ormer forces member with 2 grown daughters who are wonderful. Not much time for ol dad anymore though, lol. Would enjoy stimulating conversation again! Wicked sense of humor, love to read, work out and enjoy nature. Work full time in aviation and travel on business. Oh and yes, a self proclaimed ango-file, hence the BritBox subscription on Amazon Video, lol again.

John,54 from Cumbria (England)
Interested in music, history and nature, also keep fit with weights. Interested in meeting females around own age!

Ian,52 from Roxburghshire (Scotland)
Only 30 words eh! Could be a problem. So I'm going for SOH. Ran the MdS in 2015. Enjoy writing although you may wonder. 2 grown up kids, in age.

Lindsay,51 from Western Australia
Hi I'm a tall Aussie farmer, blond and blue eyed genuine, honest and reliable. My interests are the outdoors, music, animals, reading, movies and I am well travelled. I'd like to write to ladies from 33 up

Martin,48 from Devon (England)
I am a person who thinks we all should show one another kindness and respect. I enjoy a laugh along the way.  I like photography and penpalling.

James,48 from Manchester (England)
 Hi, I'm single, seeking single female to chat and go out with. Like a woman with very long hair, nice looking, caring, honest, friendly person. Perhaps meet for lunch and cinema and meal.

Kevin,48 from Colorado
Greetings! I am male, single with adult children. I teach for fun and host for a living. I like to laugh, to think hard, and to make the world a better place after in any way that I can and oh, I almost have fun!

Harold,47 from County Antrim (N Ireland)
I love Computers, web design, Vintage rallies and also snooker and bowls am looking for PenPals so can share stories about life.

Thanos,41 from Greece
Fun, friendly, intelligent and open minded. I have many hobbies and interests that I hope will pair with a few of yours. I love to travel

Paul,39 from Dorset (England)
Hi, I have blue eyes, I have loads of tattoos, I like my football and tt bikes and am 5'9"

Christian,37 from Germany
Hey :-), I love traveling (I love London) go to movies, meet friends. Photography and dancing. I am a positive one :) and I want make my English better

Warrick,37 from UK
Ex Royal Marine, all the way from the Fiji Islands and of mixed nationality and consist of Chinese, Fijian, European and Pacific Polynesian. I love water sports, walking and picnics, diving and socialising, travelling with mates, shopping and drinking. LOLZ

Jake,37 from Wiltshire (England)
Small Business starter and motorcycle courier, potentially heading for jail. Crikey Chief. Not me bloody freedom! Looking for pen pals independent of which side of the wall I end up.

Grahame, 35 Royal Navy
I'm a Royal Navy officer, currently deployed overseas in an exchange posting with the RAF. I'm a graduate of London and Oxford, and a history, politics, and football geek. It would be lovely to chat to someone new.

Rhys,34 British Army
Just busy travelling the world, exploring and looking to chat and meet with fun people.

Joachim,33 from Lincolnshire (England)
Dairy farmer passionate about history, art, films, the Iliad, Ossian, Cocteau Twins, shortbreads, tea, the Outer Hebrides, collecting cute porcelain figurines, and my role model, King Charles XII of Sweden.

Alex,32 from Tyne and Wear (England)
Fun, friendly, intelligent and open minded. I have many hobbies and interests that I'm sure will pair with a few of yours. I love to travel.

Joseph,32 British Army
I am a down to earth guy who has served for 14 years. Enjoy being sent on operations and like to correspond with people around the world. Preferably women as I am surrounded by guys daily! A country lad at heart with a passion for fitness, reading, writing and travel adventure. 

Jonathan,32 British Army
Clerk in the Army. Enjoy being outdoors, exploring new places and historic ones, attempting to improve my photography. Like to travel and see new places.

David,32 British Army
Single, 3 children, funny (well I think I am) looking to write to people from anywhere in the world.

Laurence, 31 British Army
Enjoy most spoils in life, especially music, food and pleasant people. Come and say hi!

William,30 British Army
People think I am crazy - why not write to me and find out?

Jonathan,30 from New York
I want to learn more about Britain people, culture, and history. I am vacationing there and will hopefully emigrate one day

Dafydd,29 from Gwyndd (Wales)
Just a normal (more or less) bloke wanting to show support to our forces and be a friend to any that need one.

Peter,29 Prisoner Oxfordshire
Hi, I am currently on recall of licence at Bullingdon Prison in Oxfordshire. I am hoping to find someone who will write to me.

Rory,28 from Shropshire (England)
Country man with an interest in history, sci-fi movies, philosophy and developing hands-on skills. Being a thoughtful and introverted "old soul", having a penpal should suit my dispositions just fine.

Na-Kyeong, 27 from South Korea
I would like to visit UK soon, therefore, hope to encounter British mates. I have been interested in studying Britain culture as a fanatic of your nation.

Sam,27 from Aberdeenshire (Scotland)
Hi, Scotsman who enjoys reading, listening to movies and cooking. I’m also a huge film fan. Love to hear from you.

William 26 from Kent (England)
I'm a Brit who loves to be creative and to travel! Looking for friends with similar interests. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

James,26 from UK
Basically I love life and I love living life I enjoy the outdoor travelling, restaurant, laughing, going to cultural event and socializing with people of interest it's just better living and sharing life with someone else

Vincent,25 from Belgium
I am an anglophile and a freelance translator, blind since birth. Interests include international current affairs, films and film music and especially the UK. Would love to meet native English-speaking females for interesting conversation and to pick up more English.

Dan,23 from Suffolk (England)
I'm an honest, open minded gentleman who is happy with how his life is currently progressing in the right direction. I am missing a female companion, if you want to chat then please get in touch. Thank you

Idryss,22 from France
Hi, I am a guy from Paris. I study English and economy at university. My hobbies are singing, acting, reading, writing, hanging out and much more

Omar,16 from Morocco
Hello I am looking for a British penpal because I am really interested in British culture. Talking to a native British speaker would be an exciting and helpful opportunity for me to improve my English and particularly my British accent.

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Females • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
• When you are ready click How To Contact Penpals. Not a member yet? Click here.

Shauna,77 from N Ireland
Retired, live half the year in the USA and half in Northern Ireland.  Several hobbies keep me busy and I have a wide circle of girl friends but would enjoy a male friend too!

Brenda,74 from Yorkshire (England)
I am looking to meet new friends from around the world. I love dogs, gardening, crocheting, reading, walking amongst other things.

Vivianne,72 from Clackmannonshire (Scotland)
I am a disabled widow lost my husband 2 years ago. I use a mobility scooter and I love dogs. I am looking for a genuine friend male or female. I like going out with my dog, eating out, watching TV, would like someone with same interests

Sandra,69 from Washington
Retired English teacher and winery owner, love gardening, travel, reading, learning to draw, music, theater,  animals, British history and literature. Willing to write to either gender; looking for friends, not lovers.

 Bernice,68 from Wales
Hi, I am retired and currently living alone. I miss the everyday conversations and sharing of news and ideas. It would be great to be able to communicate and make friends through this site. Please write!

Sandra,67 from Kent (England)
Hi, I'm a
recently widowed caring person looking after disabled grandson and foster child, love music and gardening. Quite young outlook for age, seek friendship genuine only. I have very close family also.

Jean,65 from Hampshire (England)
Quiet, caring lady, divorced, retired from London to Hants; caring for relative until recently; likes countryside; gardens; birds/animals, reading etc; happy to correspond with gent of similar temperament

Misao,63 from Japan
I like cats, nature, sea, coffee, wine and more. My hobbies are travelling, reading, music, films, pen paling and more.

Marisa,58 from Northamptonshire (England)
Hi, I work for the NHS, feeling that life is passing me by! Would like to brighten someone's day

Gonul,56 from London (England)
I love writing and meeting new people, looking to write to someone in the army that maybe needs a letter every now and then to put a smile on their face and give some happiness to.

Karen, 56 from Leicestershire (England)
happily married. Seeking female pen pals aged 40+ with a good sense of humour and love of life to share in my writing addiction.

Linda, 54 from Staffordshire (England)
I'm a happy go lucky kind of person, love holidays in the sun and even weekends away, i can be spontaneous do things on the spare of the moment. I'm looking to email  or write to people in the services or in different countries for friends or possible romance....

Susan,54 from Devon (England)
I have travelled a great deal and worked overseas. I live near the sea and enjoy walking, fine food, planning my next adventure. Would love to chat with like minded people.

Pamela,53 from Shropshire (England)
I'm looking to make friends from all around the world, I like to chat and have a laugh. I am a loyal and trustworthy person, I love writing and most of all I love life!!

Elizabeth, 53 from Leicestershire (England)
Hi I am a happy single lady, who is young at at heart and loves the Lake District, cinema, theatre, eating out and walking my chocolate lab. Looking for like minded genuine people for friendship and chat.

Sian,51 from Gloucestershire (England)
Hi, I'm divorced with 2 children.  Music is a big part of my life, love cooking, gym not good though, watching Football, travel and movies.

Marlene,50 from Bristol
Love all music, watching movies and reading. Like nature and walking, have a good sense of humour and will talk about most things

Kavita,50 from India
I am an Indian woman now in India, but lived in Europe in my 20's. Self sufficient since I was 20. I live with my mother and also now care for her as she is 76 and bedridden for the last 18 months. I am interested in hearing from male and female friends, younger or similar age to share through writing. I enjoyed penpalling in my pre and early teens and would like to revive that interest with some friendly people which may help me find some fresh energy in life! Anyone interested?

Pauline, 49 from Tyne & Wear (England)
I'm separated, I am a senior care worker at a local nursing home. I love holidays and watching films.

Karina,47 from Somerset (England)
Hi, I'm looking to correspond with like-minded pen-friends who loves sunrises / sunsets, travel adventures, raw food, creativity, animals, board / card games and deep and meaningful connections. I am also a kind, caring and sensitive individual.

Julie,47 from Buckinghamshire (England) Dance like no one is watching,
Sing like no one is listening,
Love like you have never been hurt,
Live like there is no tomorrow...
Separated with  grown up children


Michelle,46 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi I have three lovely dogs. I enjoy meeting new people. I like to meet up with my friends but would to make new friends

Linda,45 from Ayrshire (Scotland)
Happy go lucky musician who loves playing piano and singing, dining out, movies and keeping fit!

Amanda,44 from Staffordshire (England)
Hi, I'm a single Mum of two teenagers (nurse by trade lol) who is looking for new friends and people to talk to. Had a few years of hell so want to try and find some normality again and try and restore my faith in reality

Tammy,43 from Devon (England)
Hi, I'm married with 4 adult children. Looking for male friendship to talk about anything and everything. I am very out going, I love writing short Adult mature stories, which can be explicit. I have two books published online. One of my books is number 3 on the sexual list and number 12 on the exotic. Please write or email

Mel,43 from West Midlands (England)
Fun, friendship, football.. fancy it?!

Paula,42 from Devon (England)
Hi, single mum who's looking male or female penpals. I love receiving long letters getting to know someone. Looking for people nearer my age. Look forward to hearing from you.

Leanne,40 from Northamptonshire (England)I am a single mum of one who works as a Nurse within the NHS. I am fun loving with a very wicked sense of humour (or so I have been told!!) I like travelling, cinema, eating out and going out with my friends and of course the odd glass of wine lol. I like to spend time with my little boy and my friends and family

Nicola,39 from West Midlands (England)
Independent single mum of 2 boys. GSOH. Have an eclectic taste in music and literature. Don’t have much spare time but would like pen pals to chat too.

Rachel, 38 from Staffordshire (England)
I'm separated soon to be divorced, slimmish build short dark hair, blue eyes and an impressive 5' 2" tall. I'm easy to get along with, enjoy going out, watching films either at home or the cinema, I also enjoy just chilling at home in my PJ's. Some may call these baggage but they are my priority in life, I have 3 boys aged 18yrs, 16yrs and 9yrs. I'm looking to meet new friends to chat with and maybe more

Nicola,36 from Manchester
Hi, I'm a Teacher who is looking for male or female penpals. I love reading, walking and have a really good sense of humour. Looking for like-minded individuals.

Jo,35 from County Durham (England)
Adventurous, sporty and laid back animal loving lady would love to exchange whacky tales with anyone interested in building new friendships. I'm single - have my own home, own car, own teeth... Would eventually like to meet Mr. Right.

Joanne,35 from Sussex (England)
Hi, I am a lady who has two boys. I would like penpals to write to. I am interested in formula one, football, reading, listening to music. For friendship maybe more.

Callie,34 from Kent (England)
Hot, smart independent, financially stable goddess wants a man in DPM to chat with (only f*****g chat though)!!!

Clare,33 from Yorkshire (England)
I’m a northern lass, looking for a Penpal. Someone I will enjoy receiving a letter or mail from to make me smile! I enjoy films, soaps, sports and love walking

Joanne,32 from Kent (England)
Hi I like swimming, playing roulette and King Charles hotel. Cafes. Medium brown hair, tattoo. I like to listen to Bobby Valentino and Akon.  I'm single, live alone and enjoy going to the cinema. Looking for a sexy soldier.

Nicola,32 from Lanarkshire (Scotland)
I am looking for new friendships people i can write to and have a laugh with. I am from Scotland and currently at college studying. I am 5ft 3. I love to work out and participate in charity work also.

Leanne,30 from Oxfordshire (England)
Hey I was advised to join this by a friend as she says I have the ability to cheer anyone up with my hearty laugh and crazy sense of humour (don't know if that is a good or bad thing lol) I am a single mum of one and I work quite a stress filled job myself as I work for the NHS. I am a nurse in A&E at my local general hospital so hopefully I can write to someone and make you smile

Nikki,27 from Berkshire (England)
Hi there! Female looking to make new friends. Great sense of humour (although some say my jokes are terrible!), I also love cooking, films, music. I enjoy travelling and love visiting new countries

Alysha,26 from Leicestershire (England)
I've joined this site to hopefully help someone going through a tough time. I believe everyone deserves to talk

Georgia,25 from London (England)
Hi! I'm a 5'5" news reporter from London. Looking to chat to people who want to make friends, or just speak! Happy to listen

Elizabeth,24 from Norfolk (England)
I am a friendly, fun trainee nurse with a good sense of humour and a love for adventure. Enjoy talking and getting to know new people

Bethany,23 from County Durham (England)
I’m a down to earth girl who has a great personality and can get on with anyone. Please get in touch if you want to know more

Natalie,23 from Devon (England)
Hi, I'd love to meet new people and learning about new cultures

Lauren,22 from Worcestershire (England)
Hi, I'm looking for single males to correspond with.

Sophie,21 from Devon (England)
Hi, I just think it would be a really interesting way to meet new people and learn about different countries and cultures

Charlotte, 18 year from Kent (England)
I love dog and I love going out . Like laugh out with friends. 5 people who serve in British Forces in my family history.

Jana,18 from Germany
Hey there, anyone around my age out there who'd like to write? Happy to talk about pretty much anything from music (be warned, I have a pretty set opinion on what is good and what isn't) to movies (doesn't have to be romantic comedies), hobbies (love trying new things) or life in general (nothing to add there). Looking forward to hearing your story.


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