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Terry,80 from Northamptonshire (England)
I am an active retired farmer who is now involved in owning and maintaining a B & B . Well travelled and like to think I have been lucky enough to achieve interesting goals . I enjoy quite large projects and  take pleasure in completing them. I enjoy writing mail and hearing about others lives

David,75 from Cambridgeshire (England)
On my own now and missing someone interesting to talk to and trade ideas with. I'm young at heart with interests from gardening and art to poetry, music and photography. My greatest hope is that my grandchildren will grow up in a world where the environment is repaired and healed.

Keith,75 from Greece
75 years young widower living on a Greek Island. Previously
from Devon and Wiltshire. I enjoy cooking, walking and travel

David,74 from Victoria (Australia)
Retired from IT but could have been a social scientist. Also interested in ethics, opinions, beliefs, truth, singing and lots more. Emigrated to Australia in 1970 aged 28 (why? Greed!). Have family including enchanting (mostly) granddaughters. The idea of returning to England to die has a certain appeal. Looking for a UK-based penpal-ette to help me explore the pros and cons of doing so.

Thomas,70 from Florida
Youthful 70 year old. Ancestors from Leicester/Staffordshire. Enjoy; UK, cruising, genealogy, finer things, antiques, people, no-debt, cooking, baking, playing piano/xylophone, nice weather, BBC, trip to UK and male friends. Post graduate degree & retired.

Andrew,68 from Northamptonshire (England)
Married guy seeking to chat to friends across the UK.

Vince,68 from Somerset (England)
I am a military veteran (British Army) with whom I served for 14 years.  I now live alone in N Somerset.  I enjoy many and varied hobbies and interests including music, travel and sport. Love to hear from females who are loving and caring like myself. I'm also loving, caring and young at heart

Hugh,68 from Leicestershire (England)
Hi, I'm retired. My interests are art, cycling and theatre; anything from Shakespeare to Broadway! I also enjoy travel, literature and North American history. I would like to make new friends with similar interests

Ralph,67 from Northumberland (England)
I love going to Antique & Collectors fairs. I have never read so much as in the last 6 months. I like walking in the countryside or along the beach.

Wayne,63 from Cornwall (England)
Retired professional, ex-forces and recently moved to Cornwall. Naval sense of humour. Practical guy, likes to keep busy. Volunteer, avid recycler, Conservation, conversation, carpentry. Seeking female for friendship/romance.

James,60 from North Carolina
I like going to the beach, listening to music, going to movies, concerts, swimming and always enjoy cooking. I love watching sports... I like Football and Basketball games.I like to treat people with so much love and respect. I am a warm, compassionate man with a sweet, sensitive nature and a wonderful sense of humour.

George,60 from Conwy (North Wales)
Got to 60 (They say I don't look it, but that's not for me to say) and wept. Looking to make a female friend for correspondence and enjoying easy going meals out later and friendship (Never married, too busy being selfish with my time until I realised what I'd been doing wrong!)

Wayne,59 from London (England)
I’m honest, kind, genuine, loyal, gosh, enjoy days out
to the seaside, love 70s music, love dancing too

Robert,58 from Gloucestershire (England)
I'm looking to meet single ladies worldwide to converse with and for  sharing experiences and hopefully long term friendship

Pius,56 from Birmingham (West Midlands)
I'm a pleasant, warm friendly gent, I am of average height, 5'8"-5'9", and would love to have penpals from anywhere to chat about a wide range of subjects.

Colin,56 from County Armargh (N. Ireland)
Hi, I am seeking females for correspondence. I enjoy music, gardening and films. Hope to hear from you soon!

John,54 from Cumbria (England)
Interested in music, history and nature, also keep fit with weights. Interested in meeting females around own age!

Eric,53 from New York
Particularly seeking LONDON-BASED friends who still believe in true friendships where REAL quality means far more than quantity.  I have great interests in architecture, cars, movies, travel, history, true crime/current events, all things British, museums, long walks, photography, socialising/making new lasting lifetime friendships, and world news.

Brendan 50 from Lancashire (England)
Ex Forces and
boring is not in my nature! I enjoy listening to music, reading, rambling outdoors and take pleasure from the simple things in life. I am a recently widowed and I would like hear from females, perhaps in a similar position with similar interests, to put a new spark back in my life. Interested? Then please contact me.

Charles,49 US Prisoner Massachusetts
Like to write about any subject. Am a Christian with a good heart. Want to learn about other cultures.

John,47 from Merseyside (England)
Originally from the North East of England I'm hoping to meet interesting people, hopefully make a connection and see where life could go from there. I enjoy reading, travel, walking, the outdoors and sports


Jason,47 British Army
,funny outgoing loves sports cooking and entertaining and spending quality time with my son. looking for more happiness and laughter

Harold,47 from County Antrim (N Ireland)
I love Computers, web design, Vintage rallies and also snooker and bowls am looking for PenPals so can share stories about life.

Aaron,44 from London (England)
New full-time working-from-homer (no other resemblance to Homer!) looking to exchange letters with ladies with some humour, wit and substance.  Maybe some flirting over some hard copy?

Adam,44 from West Midlands (England)
Hi I need a penpal from around the UK, someone to talk to and prevent loneliness.

Richard,42 from Nottinghamshire (England)
I am looking to meet new and interesting people. I like art and museums and travel. I am studying for a degree in psychology, so I like quite philosophical and insightful correspondence and conversation.

Matthew,41 from Bedfordshire (England)
Lonely guy (never married/no kids), seeks contact with females in a similar situation. Into: Music (metal/industrial mainly), movies, PS4, history, politics, crime & military stuff, cars, aircraft, smoking

Steven,41 from County Durham (England)
Well I am single, from the Durham area who lives alone - well I do have 2 crazy cats. I work as a Postman for Royal Mail and have done for for over 25 years now. Well I thought I would join here as after 25 years of delivering bills it would be nice to receive something nice in the post for a change

Richie,40 from Essex (England)
English man working in Saudi Arabia, I am away from home for months at a time where I live and work with the same people day in day out. It'd be nice to make contact with new and interesting people


Richard,40 from London (England)
I'm A London Black Taxi Driver in the busy West End of London, Father, into sports, music, into anything really especially going down the pub, would love to hear from Women only penpals from USA or anywhere in Europe, take care

Elvis,37 from Northamptonshire (England)Looking to meet matured individual and exciting female in exchanging both snail and
emails, ideas, travel ,volunteering and many more. I am in my 30s, black,  I seek female friends above 25 years from UK, Oceania and Europe.No messages from scammer, will spot you
under a second!

Warrick,37 from UK
Ex Royal Marine, all the way from the Fiji Islands and of mixed nationality and consist of Chinese, Fijian, European and Pacific Polynesian. I love water sports, walking and picnics, diving and socialising, travelling with mates, shopping and drinking. LOLZ

Paul,36 from Yorkshire (England)
Down to earth Yorkshire man looking to chat with a nice lady

Grahame, 35 Royal Navy
I'm a Royal Navy officer, currently deployed overseas in an exchange posting with the RAF. I'm a graduate of London and Oxford, and a history, politics, and football geek. It would be lovely to chat to someone new.

David, 33 from Somerset (England)
I am a gay man from South West of UK. I would love to chat with men and women and make life long friends. I am a very friendly guy and sharing i enjoy many hobbies and love travelling. I would love to hear from you if you are in the UK. I am also happy to write/email overseas 

Greg,33 from California
I am single and looking for someone nice and friendly to correspond with. I love to write especially letters. Some of my current interests are reading, writing, relationships, travelling, adventure and different cultures.

Alex,33 from County Durham (England)
Easy going open-minded guy, I have lots of interests.. feel free to ask anything you're curious about. I'm looking to connect with people anywhere in any job/stage of life.

Gareth, British Army
33 year old (unless you follow Clarks advert "act your shoe size"), done 16 years in the army so been there and got the T-shirt. Been on here years ago and made some good friends so thought why not give it another go

Michael,32 from Swansea (Wales)
I am a home carer, With a nice type of humour. Looking to make new friends no matter the age.

Craig,30 from Wiltshire (England)
5'6 Blonde Blue eyes looking for new friends and fun

Dafydd,29 from Gwyndd (Wales)
Just a normal (more or less) bloke wanting to show support to our forces and be a friend to any that need one.

Rory,28 from Shropshire (England)
Country man with an interest in history, sci-fi movies, philosophy and developing hands-on skills. Being a thoughtful and introverted "old soul", having a penpal should suit my dispositions just fine.

Patrick, 27 from Illinois
I am a teacher based in Chicago. I am interested in corresponding with British nationals of any age and learning more about life in the UK. My interests include UK politics, medicine, literature, and sports, specifically swimming and water polo.

Na-Kyeong, 27 from South Korea
I would like to visit UK soon, therefore, hope to encounter British mates. I have been interested in studying Britain culture as a fanatic of your nation.

Robert,25 from Norfolk (England)

Artist and Indie game designer with a passion for books, TV, games and cocktails looking to share in miseries, moments of bliss and everyday mundane things.


Myles,24 from Pembrokeshire (Wales)
Hi, very tall and blue eyed from the very bottom of Wales (never rains) generally a sociable person and pretty open minded, currently
work full time to fund my spoilt dogs needs! Happy to listen to
you vent your stories

Dei,19 from Malaysia
I like any thing about history and countryside thing. I also like  calligraphy, classical music and  paintings. I wish can make some penpals from another country

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Angela,85 from Berkshire (England)
I am an 80 something lady and looking for a gentleman to exchange e mails with. I love all countryside things, wild flowers especially, gardening, a wide taste in music but especially classical, also works of art. Trouble is, I m married but my husband suffers from autism and early Alzheimer’s which means life is isn't much fun and I m very cut off where I live. If we have something in common, please write.

Jennifer,74 from Cambridgeshire (England)
Recent widow, Farmer’s wife, used to a male orientated household now missing male conversation. Have two dogs, enjoy walking, golf, bridge, reading and travelling.

Janie,74 from Ontario
I am a retired nurse and while I don't want to appear conceited I am much younger looking and fairly fit. Married and divorced many years ago. 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. Own my own home, well along with the bank. Have friends but have found myself watching way too many episodes of Escape to the Country! Both grandmothers born in England but have never been there myself. Looking for correspondence with an English fellow

Christine,72 from Leicestershire (England)
I'm young at heart, enjoy reading, crossword puzzles, gardening (not digging) lol. I have a dog named Mollie who loves her walks, I think I am a good listener, at the moment bored with the Corona virus...& lock ins

Annette,70 from Fife (Scotland)
Haven’t had a pen pal since schools days...! With lockdown re-occurring
seems a good way to keep ‘with it’ & hear from others with time on
their hands because of it. Love driving, gardens, music r&b/jazz classical concerts , theatre & cinema.. Finer things always enjoyable...
Living in Scotland but born in East Anglia

Christine,69 from Cumbria (England)
I am seeking a male pen friend from anywhere. I live in in the North West of England. I enjoy reading, walking, travel, holidays and I am retired.

Bronwyn,67 from Virginia
Retired American woman hoping to find gentleman to correspond on topics including British/American current events, theatre, cinema, gardening, sports, new topics of interest to him.

Margaret,67 from Cumbria (England)
am a young minded 67 year old lady, looking for friendship, I am originally from Liverpool, living in Cumbria.  I love rock music, quiz nights, walking and definitely love watching LFC

Susan,66 from Derbyshire (England)
Young 66 year old. Missing lots of activities during covid. Letters cheer me up. Love cinema, theatre, football, reading, walking, cruises, W.I.

Suzie,65 from Cambridgeshire (England)
Warm, bright, curious, friendly woman into reading, gardening, cuisine, art, film, literature, open with others, would like to correspond with anyone wanting to share those honest, caring, human values much ignored in our modern world....

Cynthia,64 from California
looking for friends only. Interested in writing, playing piano, crocheting, photography, cats - but love all animals. Looking to make friends in the UK.

Jane, 64 from Indiana
Hello, I'm married and recently retired. I am looking to make friends from Great Britain. Like to fish, swim, bowling, knitting, photography, biking, hiking and cooking. Am an avid British TV fan and would also like to know more about Great Britain.

Valerie,62 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi, My interests are writing emails, animals, nature, music,
photography, beach, walking, cooking & baking and travelling.
Looking for Worldwide & UK Pen friends. NO MEN Please

Caroline,62 from Hampshire (England)
Cantankerous, fat, old woman loves reading, learning, classic cars, bikes, food, music, history, dark humour, individuality, romance looking for someone to write to with a view to meeting up?

Rosalinda,61 from California
Recently found out by DNA results I'm 26% England and 21% Scotland ethnicity.  I am so excited to learn more about this side of me. 
Hoping to find a pen-pal friend.  My dream is to go to England one day.

Patty,59 from California
Hi - I am seeking PenPals from the UK for friendship/correspondence. I love 80's music, dancing, concerts, travelling so much more. I am single, have a great personality, loyal & caring.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Teresa,59 from Middlesex (England)
Single lady with one grown up Son seeking a nice Gentleman friend to correspond with. I am a loyal honest passionate loving woman

Kathryn,58 from Worcestershire (England)
Hi, female looking to correspond with men or women from USA.
I work as a nurse, in my spare time like to bake, quilt and read.
Would love to hear from you.

Teresa,58 from Middlesex (England)
Single honest caring loving woman looking for the Love of her life

Jackie,58 from Middlesex (England)
I am a single woman and work as a piano teacher. Like history, classical and folk rock music, travel and reading. Would like male and female penfriends

Gonul,56 from London (England)
I love writing and meeting new people, looking to write to someone in the army that maybe needs a letter every now and then to put a smile on their face and give some happiness to.

Sue,55 from West Midlands (England)
Hi, single lady looking for correspondence with a gentleman near or similar age possibility more several hobbies, some travelling, dining out. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sonia,55 from Dyfed (Wales)
I'm a kind, easygoing, friendly person who believes in spreading a little happiness where I can. I l have an eclectic taste in music, animals, scuba diving (haven't done it for a while).  I like reading, musical theatre, food and cosy nights in watching a good film.

Sarah Jane, 54 from Cornwall (England)
Single , easy going , likes a laugh. Love animals especially my little dog.
Love the countryside, I live in beautiful Cornwall . Love music
and a bit of a rock chick

Sarah,54 from Warwickshire (England)
I’m petite, strawberry blonde & a  young 54 year old, recently widowed,
looking for someone to chat and have a laugh & connect with.

Sue, 53 from the West Midlands (England)
I am a single lady, looking to correspond with, a gentleman of near or similar age possibility more. Several hobbies. Some travel. Dinning out. Hope to hear from you soon.

Helen,53 from Devon (England)
Female, very easy going, interests include, keeping fit, the outdoors, nature, animals, eating out, music, reading, films, cricket, owned by a naughty black cat ‘Basil’. Looking to correspond with military pen pals deployed overseas, of a similar age to myself, just looking for friendship.

Renee,52 from New York
Hi!  I am divorced and have two young adult sons and one dog. I am hoping to find a few pen pals in Scotland as well as England. I have many interests, including reading, gardening, cooking, writing, hiking, history, genealogy, and much more. I do prefer snail mail. Thank you for reading!

Victoria,52 from Liverpool (England)
Looking for females to be friends with and chat with.Enjoy playing poker and cribbage online. I have two bichon frise dogs and enjoy camping and gardening

Paula,52 from New York State
Mom of three looking for friendship. I enjoy reading, art,
run/walking, good movies, good coffee, and baking something
sweet for my sugar addiction.

Deborah,52 from Hertfordshire (England)
Single 40+yr old looking52yr old! (Apparently! ;) At my happiest in the countryside. Love sun, cold beer, art, honesty, integrity, my grown kids, fun, big bear hugs and old fashioned letter writing.

Deborah,51 from Tyne and Wear (England)
I'm single, into fitness, weight training, swimming etc. 
I like music and talking to new people 

Sheela,50 from Essex (England)

Looking for good friend to exchange ideas on current situation

Tova,50 from Buckinghamshire (England)
I like collecting postcards & stamps. Doing puzzles. Watching TV. Writing letters. Role-playing. I am in a relationship & He knows I write to people

Tracey, 50 from Kent (England)
I am a retired nurse, but I do volunteer work. I like walking, swimming, gardening, photography, music, reading, animals. I have two cats. Like to hear from anyone for friendship. 

Rebecca,49 from Kent (England)
Hi, I have
 lost contact with the outside world due to illness. Looking for new friends to share life's ups and downs. No romantic ideas, thanks. I am happy to correspond with male or females, as long as you are friendly and honest. I will treat you the same way.

Channa,49 from France
Greetings - I'm a Brit in Paris who would love to write. I love travelling, 70's and 80's indie/rock music, reading contemporary British fiction, cooking, good coffee, good wine, the sea, a good pub lunch by the fire, and having a laugh with good company. Look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah,49 from Somerset (England)
I'm single and just looking to meet new people see how that goes. I work full time and very happy positive and grateful as I have all I need.  But I'd quite to share it and build some great memories with someone special one day.

Gail,49 from South Lanarkshire (Scotland)
I’m a divorced Mum of two “nearly” grown up children, I’m also retired but volunteer for a Not for Profit organisation in my spare time. I’m interested in design, writing, cooking, gardening and yoga (just a beginner). I’d like  to make platonic friendships with people of a similar age who are fun loving, down to earth and caring.  If that sounds like you, please get in touch.

Katy,48 from Yorkshire (England)
I enjoy travel, music, walking, reading, watching movies
and going out with friends to spend time together.

Nicola,48 from Warwickshire (England)
I'm a mum of three children who are grown and don't need me so
much now, I love experiencing new cultures, food and music,
looking to meet like minded people to talk too

Lizzie, 48 from Sussex

Hi, I'm interested in writing to like minded people, I like a good natter and have a slight dark sense of humour!

Luyi,47 from London (England)
Returned to the UK, after living abroad for 15 years, just as the first
lockdown started...  Enjoy learning about everything and anything,
laughing (have wicked sense of humour) and talking about the
meaningful and meaningless - looking for penpals who enjoy the same.

Yvette,47 from Leicestershire (England)
Hi I’m a nurse, I love writing letters, I’m happy fun and promise to keep you laughing

Katie,47 from Gloucestershire (England)
Hi, I
am a very easy going person and love writing letters and receiving mail.  I have many interests that I  will share and open up to in my letters, some of them consist of reading, and traveling and music.

Claire,47 from Cheshire (England)
I am a fun loving, caring, young at heart 40 something Geordie looking for someone to make me smile and let me brighten their day

Kerry,46 from Essex (England)
Fun loving female seeks honest friendship ONLY. Love dogs. Currently owned by 2.5 dogs plus 17yr old son. Like to reading and music. LGBTQ+ friendly

Victoria,45 from Somerset (England)
I was recently reminded that not everyone has someone to
hear from.  I’m happy to write either letters or email

Judi,45 from Indiana
I am quite at first till I get to know you, I like history and sports. I am fun loving and get along with everyone that I meet. I stay home at the moment, just work and come home. I love to travel, I use to travel all the time but don't do much of that at the moment .

Claire,45 from Devon (England)
Hi, I am looking for penpals. It was a childhood pastime I enjoyed...but I moved on and regret. Single, postgrad, adventure sports, travel, food, horses, people, wine, health and humour

Colette,44 from Yorkshire (England)
Attractive forty something with a passion for anything in the creative industry.  Teaching myself Graphic Design. Aspiring writer looking for happy ending. Loves football, Gavin and Stacey and Morecambe and Wise

Lindsey,44 from Warwickshire (England)
I’m a Uni Lecturer with a sense of adventure and putting in maximum effort into life! I love the creative arts and meeting people, looking for good conversation and banter!

Nicola,44 from London (England)
Hi, I would love to hear from people anywhere in the world who want to find a new
friend to share what we have in common and what makes us different! I love to travel, cooking, enjoy shopping and dining out. Contact me and tell me about yourself!

Sel,44 from Arizona
Born & raised in Oxfordshire England But now living in a hot climate! I’d love to catch up with some of England’s finest. Drop me a line or two if you fancy a chat.

Jill,43 from County Durham (England)
Single, asexual, honest, kind and respectful lady, enjoys designing, walking, reading, cinema and eating out. Seeking males similar to myself to chat with, for genuine friendship/possible relationship.

Kelly,43 from Essex (England)
Hard working mum of two. Hoping to chat to somebody single who needs someone to listen or simply have a giggle.

Diana,43 British Army
Hi guys. I love socialising and enjoy being around guys with a great sense of humour. I’m a reservist looking to get to know fellow military men. Yes, I am single and very happy in life but would be nice to see where life takes me next and who with. Anyway, get in touch. It would be great to hear from you.

Victoria,42 from Yorkshire (England)
Single, university tutor, 2 fab kids and a cat. Like the outdoors,
working out, laughing and films/Netflix as well as lots more.

Alison,42 from County Antrim (N Ireland)
Love cats. Love to smile. Love life simple.

Bonnie,41 from Hampshire (England)
I am a British Asian, married, have  a son and a cat and love penpalling, baking, stickers and pets. I am seeking genuine female penpals only.

Mandy,40 RAF
Hi I’m Scottish but living in Buckinghamshire.  Single, Funny, sarcastic and love a good bit of banter.  Looking to know some likeminded people and see where it goes

Jennie,39 from Cornwall (England)
Love my allotment, gardening, walking, my pet rabbits, wildlife, nature, reading, creating. Always written long letters to family since i was a child and would love to start penfriends as would love to read and reply to letters rather than just writing. Live in a little cottage in Tamar valley in Cornwall.

Laura,39 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi, I've got
long dark hair and dark brown eyes, 5'2" so I'm short! Looking for people to chat to and see what happens. I'd say I've a great sense of humour and love a good laugh especially at myself! I love getting out and about to the coast or wherever I end up. I'm also a bit of a geek and I'm into things like Star Wars and Marvel

Cazzie,38 from Lincolnshire (England)
working Mum of 3. I work at a school for children with behavioural issues. I play rugby, love watching sports, time with friends and family. Also love reading. Very out going and love talking to people.

Justine,38 from Northamptonshire (England)
Hey, thanks for looking at my profile first of all, secondly I am looking forward to the good old fashioned way of letter writing and sharing pics! Hope everyone is safe and well

Rachel, 38 from Staffordshire (England)
I'm separated soon to be divorced, slimmish build short dark hair, blue eyes and an impressive 5' 2" tall. I'm easy to get along with, enjoy going out, watching films either at home or the cinema, I also enjoy just chilling at home in my PJ's. Some may call these baggage but they are my priority in life, I have 3 boys aged 18yrs, 16yrs and 9yrs. I'm looking to meet new friends to chat with and maybe more

Ruth,37 from Somerset (England)
Hobbies include pole, chair dance, burlesque, Ariel hoop and silks. Looking for friends

Katie,36 from Suffolk (England)
5'5" slim brunette looking for interesting conversation. I enjoy spending time socialising with friends and walking in the countryside around spending time caring for my son and multiple pets.

Julia,36 from Essex (England)
Nurse looking for penpals, male or female, military or non military, from all over the world. Lots of interests including movies, dreaming about travelling, and studying for a degree. I’m a bit of a geek, especially anything Marvel. I’m looking for down to earth people with a sense of humour who don’t take like too seriously. Hope to hear from you.

Tracey,35 from London (England)
I currently work part time and have 1 child. I have been wanting to make new friends and pen friends for a while now, so here I am! I am a gamer girl, I like to cook watch movies, go for works, take pictures. I'd like to talk to anyone that is down to earth, sense of humour and want to know me more..

Anna,35 from Argyll and Bute (Scotland)
I am looking to exchange letters with a nice guy to give them something to do.

Kayti,35 from Hampshire (England)
Hi, just looking to meet friends around the world. I love to write and would love to receive mail that isn’t a bill.

Clair,34 from Surrey (England)
I am a student nurse, I am married with 4 kids, aged from 2 -16.
I am looking for a long term friend

Kirsty,34 from London (England)
Hi I’m just looking to chat and make friends and see where it goes

Linzi,34 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi! I'm a workaholic with 2 dog's. Love Reading and a good box set binge. Will write to anyone willing :)

Catalina,33 from Ceredigion (Wales)
Hello everyone, I'm trying find some normal people to talk to, trying make some friends. I'm a support worker and want to get into nursing. I work a lot and I have no free time for social all. I'm single, no kids and never been married. I hope everyone is sound and safe. God bless!

Liz,33 from Norfolk (England)
Hi I’m a woman looking to make new friends and chat with good humoured people

Naomi,32 from Devon (England)
Friendly and feisty! I'm a caring lady and into martial arts, motorbikes, being outdoors and nature. It would be nice to chat to someone like minded

Kira,32 from Herefordshire (England)
I am a single mum, with 3 children. I am bubbly, caring and down to earth

Bakary,30 from Gambia
I am a student Midwife, A Muslim Islam is my religion, 
I would like to meet real friends.

Lisa-Jayne,29 from Staffordshire (England)
Bubbly, witty 29 year old single woman looking to chat
and see who’s out there. Friends, maybe more!

Sarah,29 from Yorkshire (England)
Fun, outspoken Yorkshire lass with wicked sense of humour

Lucy,27 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi I’m quite shy and quite poor social skills really, I like reading Y/A fantasy books, all arts and crafts (currently knitting a hufflepuff scarf :) love to get to know new people as a PenPal.

Toni,27 from Cheshire (England)
I'm somebody that does not take life too serious love a bit of banter and great conversation

Esther, 27 from Yorkshire (England)
I am a workaholic looking to make more friends. I love a good laugh and wouldn't mind telling you all about it.

Angelika,26 from Berkshire (England)
At the moment I am teaching security courses. I would like
to help someone get through the though times.

Chloe,26 from Yorkshire (England)
i! I am looking for either a male or female penpal. My hobbies are : watching TV, music, reading, spending time with family and friends.

Katharina,26 from Denmark
Writer with insomnia looking for friends

Alysha,26 from Leicestershire (England)
I've joined this site to hopefully help someone going through a tough time. I believe everyone deserves to talk

Nicki,24 from Somerset (England)
Hi there, I'm new here and keen to meet new people that share an interest in reading, motorcycles and long days out in the countryside with a husky pup - or at least one of the above ;)
I stutter when I speak, so have always wanted to try something like this!!

Shannon,24 from Angus (Scotland)
Hi thanks for taking the time too read this post! I'm just looking to meet new people and potentially make great friendships in the process. I am a fun bubbly person who doesn't drink and literally owns the entire crime section in Waterstones. You can never have too many books ha ha. I have experienced a lot in life and had too grow up fast so too say I'm 24 going on 40 would be accurate. I can chat for hours about life and everything in between. I'm just good at talking/writing to be honest

Aleksandra, 24 from Fort William (Scotland)Happy to write with any one who is deployed to help to get through the hard time being away from home. As well happy to speak with any one who is not deployed

Kia,23 from Gloucestershire (England)
I'm a university student studying forensic psychology looking
to have good conversations and offer an ear where I can

Sabrina,22 from Aberdeenshire (Scotland)Italian/South African, living in sunny Scotland(Okay okay, maybe sometimes sunny) studying Art and figuring out life as it comes. I have two cats, who seriously should have their own TV show.

May,21 from Kent (England)
Looking for a male or female penpal to form a friendship or possibly more with. I'm an open-minded, non-judgemental person with a love for travel, food and adventure. Please do get in touch :)

Parker,21 from Arizona

Howdy! I'm a nomadic college student pursuing Biochemistry. Love drawing, video games, anything nerdy. Find UK dialects, accents, and culture fascinating! Open to snack exchanges! Looking for pen pals only.

Daisy,21 from London (England)
Love talking / writing to people! Only here for penpals :)

Esme,21 from Worcestershire (England)
In short, I'm a workaholic that does not get much chance to make friends. I'm an incredibly open-minded individual that tends to get on with older individuals better. The idea of a pen-pal excites me; I love to hear about other people and if we can aid each other's loneliness then that would be incredible!

Charlotte,20 from Cheshire (England)
Hi, I'm an a out going, chatty, outdoorsy kind of girl!  I'm animal crazy and currently studying to me a zoo manager!  I have lots of animals and am looking for a friend or two to help support :)  I'd love to write letters but please bear with me as I am dyslexic! Haha! Hopefully write to you soon!

Ellie,20 from Oxfordshire (England)
I would love to talk to someone in prison only wanting to talk for a friendship not a lover :)) I like cats and Netflix and Ariana Grande mostly so if you want to talk me as a friend... well well  I’m here (get the pun wait there is no pun ahahaha)

Abigail,19 from Oxfordshire (England)
Love talking to new people, currently work for 3 charities but wish to start my own someday. I love rugby but I'm still learning how it works. I have a boyfriend, just want friends



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