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Female 31 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Laura,31 from Worcestershire (England)
Hi, married mother of two. I enjoy reading, picnics, spending time with my family, arts and crafts, tv and films. I'm a big fan of tattoos and body art. I am vegan and I love food. I love history and learning new things.

Sarah,31 from Essex (England)
Looking for someone to chat to about anything....within reason ;) Any questions just ask. Need faith to be restored, looking for prince charming....if he exists.

Cheryl,31 from Yorkshire (England)
Love meeting new people when travelling so thought I'd try this for when I'm home in my small town.

Emma,31 from Essex (England)
30 something Wife and Crafter. Looking for friends to write letters and emails. I love to read, craft, walk my dogs and I also do write stories in my spare time.

Alex,31 from London (England)
Hey, I'm a single mum of 1 from South East London. Love spending time with my friends and family. I'm 5'5, curvy, blue eyes and love to laugh. Looking for male friendship or more. Happy to chat to guys in U.K or abroad.

Justine,31 from Oxfordshire (England)
Hi, I'm looking for male friendship and to get to know someone, I am very bubbly and interested in films and books.

Louise,31 from Hampshire (England)
Living in Gosport, so I'm surrounded by Navy. Looking to make friends within the British and US Military.

Hannah,31 from Wirral (England)
So about me…
2 kids
3 dogs
Not bad looking I guess.
Looking for people deployed to talk to and send bits and bobs to.

Leanne,31 from UK
British woman seeking penpal from US or Canada. Fun loving and passionate about
travelling and life. Would love to share my experiences and learn of yours.

Lyn,31 from Tyne and Wear (England)
Looking to make some new friends as I work a lot and happy to chat with anyone, including soldiers. I'm a down to earth blonde with a good sense of humour.

Michelle,31 from Surrey (England)
Hi, I just want to write to those who are in the services as I hate the thought
that somewhere some one thinks they're forgotten and I want to change that



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Female 32 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Leanne,32 from Lanarkshire (Scotland)
Hi, previously trainee accountant but now a writer and cleaner as find it more interesting, have 2 kids, don't like it keep on scrolling

Claire 32 from Cornwall (England)
Love good banter, good food and a bit of a film geek

Gemma,32 from Cheshire (England)
Hi, I'm looking for either snail mail or email penpals

Gemma,32 from Somerset (England)
Hi, I'm looking to write/email people and get to know people and hopefully bring a little joy to people's lives though letters or emails. I am a single mother and my daughter is almost 16 and in the next few years will be leaving home so thought this may be a way of filling that gap and whilst my friends and family mean the world to me I would like to meet different people.

Louise,32 from Humberside (England)
I'm a mum of 2, I've recently separated from my partner and guess I'm looking for a lil company

Geri,32 from Surrey (England)
Hello, I'm all very new to this as an adult whereas I always had a penpal
as a child. Looking to make new friendships with others across the globe.

Annette, 32 from London (England)
Hi, Young at heart wishing to build friendships that go beyond the UK boundaries.
My first passion is Jesus Christ. My second is Arsenal FC. What's yours?

Gemma,32 from Dorset (England)
Single mum. Work in a community hospital. Enjoy films, going to the gym,
nights in and out and cooking. Dark hair , brown eyes, young looking 32 year old.
Looking for friendship, maybe more.

Gemma, 32 from Ebbw Vale (Wales)
I'm a psychology student. film geek, love music, reading, cooking and travelling

Lynsey, 32 from Guernsey (Channel Islands)
Single mum, would love to offer friendship, support and hopefully some laughs to anyone in the forces who needs a virtual friend. Email and/or snail mail. Will answer all mail

Nicole,32 from Lancashire (England)
I am a single mum to two great girls, Caitlin and Emilia. I was brought up in
the armed forces. I like all sports. I love be outdoors can't beat the fresh air.
I love all action movies.

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Female 33 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Daisy,33 from London (England)
Looking forward to exchanging e-mails and possibly letters with new people. I enjoy socialising with friends, dining out, travelling and exploring new places, reading, gardening, cycling, swimming- particularly in the sea and diving.

Lynsey,33 from Lancashire (England)
Hi, always up for a laugh, love music, cooking and having fun...looking for something new!

Jill,33 from UK
Hi, single, just looking to chat and make new friends. Time to try something new, after a few tricky years I really am ready for a few laughs and a bit of Convo with like minded ppl. Into books, forest walks, tennis & setting the world to rights!

Kelly,33 from London (England)
Hi, I'm a qualified teacher and writer, I have a 2 year old son. I am married but happily separated from my husband at present. I love the personal touch of friendship via letter I've have a number of penpals across the globe which I have built and maintained strong friendships with over the years. I can speak/read/write in French to an intermediate level and would be happy to write to those who speak French and English. I love to read, learn about history, keep up with current affairs, fashion design/sewing, make up artistry, music, film, cooking and lots more. I'm after long term friendship I'm open to male and female penpals- that said I'm NOT going out my way to look for romance. I'm open minded, down to earth, pretty liberal and happy to talk and about any and everything in letters. All races, gay and straight pals anywhere in the world welcome.

Ruth,33 from Northumberland (England)
I work in travel and I'm away from home a lot, so thought this would be a great way
of making new friends, perhaps leading to more, who knows! I'm 5ft 8, have dark hair
and brown eyes. I love music, sports, working out, cooking and socialising when I get
the chance, I try not to take life too seriously unless I have to. Would love to hear
from any genuine people who love a good conversation. Speak soon

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Female 34 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Diane,34 from Middlesex (England)
Like theatre and arts and crafts mainly. Contact me if you have a sense of humour. Happy to chat to anyone, military or non!

Becky,34 from West Midlands (England)
Hello, Based in the UK, I am a single mom and my daughter and I have a happy busy life. I love to laugh and consider a day where I have made someone laugh is a day well spent. I do sometimes miss the world of grown up conversation and would love to hear from people from all over. Hope to hear from you!

Sadie,34 from UK
Want to chat and see where the conversation takes us? Single, caring and loving person with GSOH. Enjoys food, gym and spending time with friends and family

Jennifer,34 from Surrey (England)
Ex Military myself, knowing how monotonous long deployments can be, thought I'd give this a try. Love Scuba diving, travelling, new experiences and meeting new people

Emma,34 from UK
I'm a small red head who likes a decent conversation, especially with anyone who likes a good laugh and fancies making a new friend. This box is too small, honestly I can be interesting but not in 30 words it seems.

Brooke,34 from Hampshire (England)
Single, funny and interesting woman wanting to share stories, laugh and make friends! Sarcastic banter is my fave!

Sarah,34 from Northampton (England)
I have should length dark hair, hazel eyes, and a slender build that I maintain
doing Taekwon do, I'm a 2nd degree black belt, I like to be active! But can
also enjoy a good movie

Laura,34 from Essex (England)
I would like to correspond with people from all over and would love to
make some new friends. I live with my son and my partner.

Rachel, 34 from Glamorgan (Wales)
Hi I am recently separated. Be nice to speak to someone when
the kids are in bed. I'm a fun loving girl, always happy and smiley.

Victoria, 34 from Warwickshire (England)
I'd like to write to pen pals and perhaps make new friends. My interests
are reading classic novels, healthy cooking, keeping fit, coffee shops,
country parks, picnics and many more. Would like to write to other mums
with children but open to all. Have got a hamster. Studying with the Open University.

Yvonne,34 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi, fun loving and chatty. Looking to have fun conversations. Enjoy keeping fit, and socialising

Allison,34 from Yorkshire (England)
Yorkshire lass looking fir friendship, fun and maybe more

Laura,34 from Kent (England)
I am a science teacher from Kent, originally from London. Looking to talk
to soldiers who are doing their part to keep us safe! Like a giggle, good with
the banter but jokes need a little work. Fancy a chat give me a whirl!

Ann,34 from Denbighshire (Wales)
Hi, bubbly blonde from Liverpool moved to Wales looking to make new friends.

Lottie,34 from Yorkshire (England)
Enjoy meeting new people, love going to watch football and
rugby league, also don’t mind the drink with friends lol

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Female 35 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Naomi, 35 from Surrey (England)
I'm single but here to talk with anyone wanting to be friends, especially those in the forces. You guys are amazing and I'd like to be there to support you. Look forward to hearing from you.

Jade,35 from Yorkshire (England)
I am fun loving and open minded and genuinely care about people nothing shocks me and I do not judge. I'm a Christian too.

Sam,35 from Northamptonshire (England)
Hi there! I work in IT and love movies, animals and nature.

Martina,35 from Surrey (England)
Hi I'm a health care assistant. I'm looking to talk to you lovely people who are currently serving. I have a GSOH. I like tattoos, rugby, music and dogs

Kelly,35 from West Midlands (England)
I'm a single mum of four beautiful children I have a great and busy life just looking for a friend

Laura,35 from Lanarkshire (Scotland)
5'7 medium build looking for someone to chat to. Has a love for the outdoors.

Denise,35 from Suffolk (England)
I am a married mum to 3 girls aged 8, 17 and 18. I am on a social work degree and I have a dog called Leo. I love crafts, cooking, writing, movies and being with my family

Vanessa, 35 from Devon (England)
I am a kind reliable person by and a good listener. I have lived in England
for the past 10 years from S Africa. I study and work part time in accounting.
I am looking to meet someone for friendship perhaps more. I like walks on
the beach or in the country, a meal in a restaurant or going to the gallery or
museum. I have got a child who is eight and I am single.

Nadine,35 from Kent (England)
Hi, single female looking to find men to talk to for friendship maybe more.

Beth,35 from Dubai/Conwy (Wales)
Where to start? Interests are varied: riding (horses), skiing (and après skiing of course), golf, walking, socialising, shopping, reading and travel. Well-travelled and currently working in Dubai, but have just been offered a job in the UK - moving to Wiltshire in the summer. This is an area I will be new to, so would be nice to meet some people to show me around… Love nights out with the girls, sipping mojitos and dancing the night away… equally like those quiet nights in with good company

Myra,35 from Yorkshire (England)
British Pakistani single professional, with no kids, looking for
someone who lives in a different part of the world to talk
about anything and everything

Alison,35 from Cheshire (England)
I'm a teacher who loves football, motorsport, reading, baking, movies,
music, languages and of course writing! Looking to hear from anyone
who wants to swap chatty messages

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Males 31-35 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Steven, 35 from Sussex (England)
Hi, I like music, theatre, gigs, reading, walking, karaoke and photography.
Would like to hear from any females or males and see how we get on.

James, 34 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi, I work in civil engineering. I am looking to correspond with bubbly ladies aged 30+ for friendship maybe more!

Joachim,33 from Lincolnshire (England)
Dairy farmer passionate about history, art, films, the Iliad, Ossian, Cocteau Twins, shortbreads, tea, the Outer Hebrides, collecting cute porcelain figurines, and my role model, King Charles XII of Sweden.

Luke,33 from County Durham (England)
Hi, I'm from the North East of England looking to make new friends. I enjoy
concerts, movies, meals out, holidays, reading autobiographies… Would like
to correspond with penpals in USA / Canada.


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