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Female 26 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Alysha,26 from Leicestershire (England)
I've joined this site to hopefully help someone going through a tough time. I believe everyone deserves to talk

Samantha,26 from Somerset (England)
Hi, I am looking for someone to write to, preferably a male prisoner from the UK. I lost my partner last year who was serving time and am keen to form a friendship with other inmates.

Kirsty,26 from Staffordshire (England)
Hi, looking to write to females in GB and around the world as friends. I'm engaged with a child. Hobbies include: cross stitch, reading, jigsaws, films, dc universe TV series, British speedway.

Kym,26 from West Midlands (England)
Hi, I'm a female living in Birmingham, UK. Just hoping to brighten someone's day somehow!

Emma,26 from Cheshire (England)
Short and sweet often called a hobbit by my family and friends. I love walking,
reading, sewing and drawing. Looking for someone to talk to and get to know

Ruby,26 from Bridgend (Wales)
Looking to meet new people and make friends from all over the world! So please don't be shy, just say hi

Holly,26 from UK
I have M.E. (basically my body is very weak, I get tired easily, but my mind is sharp) and have been bed bound for a year. I would love to talk to someone who wants to lift my spirits and understands what it's like to be stuck indoors when you dream of being outside and free! I don't want to share endless complaints - I want more to be a support to you and be supported by you, so we can help each other through any difficult stuff and hopefully just make each others lives a little brighter as we go!

Maria,26 from Manchester (England)
Hi! I'm looking for penpals around my age and from pretty much everywhere! Would love to meet some interesting people. I like writing long emails/letters, so be ready!!

Kirsty,26 from Warwickshire (England)
I'm slightly shy but I will always say what's on my mind. I'm a natural blonde
so I do sometimes have the moments that go with that, I'm looking for new
and interesting people to talk to, I've also got a bit of a temper when pushed
I'm sarcastic and I've got a bit of a twisted sense of humour





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Female 27 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Esther, 27 from Yorkshire (England)
I am a workaholic looking to make more friends. I love a good laugh and wouldn't mind telling you all about it.

Nikki,27 from Berkshire (England)

Hi there! Female looking to make new friends. Great sense of humour (although some say my jokes are terrible!), I also love cooking, films, music. I enjoy travelling and love visiting new countries

Sophie,27 from London (England)
Hi, originally from Edinburgh but currently living in London. Star wars, tattoos, metal and pizza!

Elisabeth,27 from Carmarthenshire (Wales)
I'm a single woman, been described by friends as fun, bubbly and very loyal. But I'll let you decide for yourself. Open to emails and love to receive letters. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Stacey,27 from Sussex (England)
I have a daughter who is my world. Looking to meet new people in the military, make friends and see what happens! Happy to be friends with men and women, however I am a lesbian so no flirty messages please guys haha! 5'10, long Brown hair, green eyes...and apparently ramble on when asked to describe myself!

Laura,27 from Cambridgeshire (England)
Hi guys, I'm a Criminology student and I'm looking for new friends, especially guy friends because...they look like fun. Don't care where from, I'd love to get to know you and talk about anything

Ashley,27 from Falkirk (Scotland)
Thought a penpal would be fun! Single, normal girl, up for a laugh and hearing interesting stories!

Kimberley, 27 from Shropshire (England)
Hi, I'm young, funny and have a good sense of humour. looking to entertain, humour and keep someone company whilst they are on tour. I have a dog with attitude who would also entertain you with stories.

Alex, 27 from Penrhyn Bay (Wales)
I'm a single mum who loves to write
and hear about new places

Lucy, 27 from Northamptonshire (England)
Just a girl looking to write to new people to offer support and comfort :)
I'm friendly, like to think I'm fun, can be ditzy, I have a huge heart and care
about everyone (unless there an utter arse!) so if you'd like to write
I look forward to hearing from you

Jessica,27 from Kent (England)
I'm a positive person who always looks for the best in people :)
just looking to meet some new interesting people!

Rhiannon, 27 from Wirral (England)
I would like to have penpals from anywhere for interesting conversation.



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Female 28 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Amy,28 from County Durham (England)

I’m a carer for my son who has autism, and would like to hear from people around the world.

Danielle,28 from Falkirk (Scotland)
I'm a young single mum looking for new interesting people to talk to. Happy to speak to all types of people!

Stephanie,28 from Essex (England)
Hi, I'm looking to reach out to people. I myself live quite a lonely life as I have Epilepsy & Lupus. It would be nice to talk to someone & hear about their life.

Victoria,28 from UK
Hi, I work for the ambulance service and looking for people to talk to.

Gail,28 from Cheshire (England)
I am a primary school teacher and looking to find someone to chat with. Can be someone who will listen and support.

Claire,28 from Kent (England)
Hey! I'm a single mummy, to a beautiful 6 year old little girl! Run my own cleaning business! I have 6 horses and 1 dog. I'm 5'11", and of a normal appearance (I think?)

Emily, 28 from Leicestershire (England)
I'm a very out going person I'm a complete people pleaser. I have started afresh
and moved away from people who were pulling me down. This is a new chapter
in my life so I'm simply on here to make new friends

Katherine,28 from Stirlingshire (Scotland)
I'm fun, friendly and up for a laugh (plus, I'm really good at sending great care
packages, as long as you don't mind glitter). I drink pints, am much more
eloquent in writing than in person, and watch shit TV.


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Female 29 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Sarah,29 from Yorkshire (England)
Fun, outspoken Yorkshire lass with wicked sense of humour

Jo,29 from Hampshire (England)
I am a small gal (at only 4’10) who is shy at first but soon comes out of my shell. Im a nice person but can become quite a bitch if anyone hurts someone I care about.

Siobhan,29 from East Midlands (England)
Human rights advocate,
I enjoy working out and taking care of my family. Let's chat!

Helen,29 from Warwickshire (England)
Fun loving mum of two. Part time nursing aid. Offering my spare time to write or email to make someone's day that little bit better.

Kay,29 from Lancashire (England)
Hi here to meet new friends, caring, funny random

Rosie, 29 from Leicestershire (England)
Hi, I am mixed race, my Dad is English and my mum is from Jamaica. I am 5'5" with dark hair and dark eyes. I like to read, chill with friends,
have a beer or two, going out to eat, visiting new places and have just finished University.

Sheryl, 29 from Cumbria (England)
Hello everyone! I'm a midwife in Newcastle where I live when I am working but I go
home to Carlisle when I'm not. I have thought about this for sometime but finally
plucking up the courage with hope in finding some lovely new like minded pen pal friends.
Would love it if we could send letters. Nothing nicer than receiving a handwritten letter.
My interests include crafting, baking, charity shops, vintage finds, dresses, and clouds.
I have been a fan of coloured hair but I have to keep things pretty normal for work - boo!!!
Anyway, I will stop babbling on. Hope I haven't bored you too much and I hope to
hear from others within the UK soon


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Female 30 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Leanne,30 from Oxfordshire (England)
Hey I was advised to join this by a friend as she says I have the ability to cheer anyone up with my hearty laugh and crazy sense of humour (don't know if that is a good or bad thing lol) I am a single mum of one and I work quite a stress filled job myself as I work for the NHS. I am a nurse in A&E at my local general hospital so hopefully I can write to someone and make you smile

Emma,30 from Buckinghamshire (England)
Hi, I'm a Goth girl looking to make friends, love to bake and walking with my dog

Trish,30 from Manchester (England)
I am looking for interesting pen pals for snail mail. Any age, you need a friend I would like to be that friend! I am happily married and have two children.

Sophie, 30 from Lincolnshire (England)
Hi, I love reading, art, costume design, sewing, smoking, festivals. I'm open minded and non judgemental. I enjoy a drink but am not
into the bar culture, I hate TV but am a total internet addict.

Joanna,30 from Northamptonshire (England)
Hi, I am looking to write to someone in the forces, just to let them know
that there not alone and have somebody to talk to… I admire all of you.

Charlotte,30 from Somerset (England)
Hi, I've had friends and family in a similar position so if you fancy some company here to email and write.

Ashleigh,30 from Yorkshire (England)
I am a single mum of a 2 year old, doing a degree part time.





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Males 26-30 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Craig,30 from Wiltshire (England)
5'6 Blonde Blue eyes looking for new friends and fun

Christopher,30 from Yorkshire (England)
I am a friendly and sociable individual. I like to meet new people and enjoy making
people see themselves in a positive way. I am 6ft 1 inch, of African-Caribbean descent,
brown skin, slim, and handsome. Contact me to find out more

Dafydd,29 from Gwyndd (Wales)
Just a normal (more or less) bloke wanting to show support to our forces and be a friend to any that need one.

Daniel,29 from Essex (England)
Hi, my hobbies are: aircraft, reading, gym, swimming and I do love to have a great laugh! I would like to get in touch with someone roughly my age either in the UK, US or Canada?

Rory,28 from Shropshire (England)
Country man with an interest in history, sci-fi movies, philosophy and developing hands-on skills. Being a thoughtful and introverted "old soul", having a penpal should suit my dispositions just fine.

Ryan, 28 from London (England)
I am a British guy looking to make new penpal friends. I love travelling
and meeting new people and would love to hear from you.

Reuben,27 from Berkshire
Hi! Single male looking to write to a single female to get to know. Friendly & understanding, down to earth, I’m a nature photographer, love watching garden birds, nature and doing gardening. Fan of fantasy video games, anime/manga and fantasy novels. Like relaxing at home watching documentaries, detective programmes, 60s 70s comedies, films

Sam,27 from Aberdeenshire (Scotland)
Hi, Scotsman who enjoys reading, listening to movies and cooking. I’m also a huge film fan. Love to hear from you.

James,27 from Hampshire (England)
English man, looking for American girl

Aaron,27 from Essex (England)
Looking for random person to chat to, and new way to meet people.
I'm a open minded, relaxed kind of guy

Sean,27 from Suffolk (England)
A creative and easy going guy in England looking to make friends in the
States. I like to paint, draw, read, cook, garden and listen to music.

William 26 from Kent (England)
I'm a Brit who loves to be creative and to travel!Looking for friends with similar interests. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

James,26 from UK
Basically I love life and I love living life I enjoy the outdoor travelling, restaurant, laughing, going to cultural event and socializing with people of interest it's just better living and sharing life with someone else

Jordan,26 from London (England)
I'm Welsh but now live and work in London. I thought it might be fun to
meet someone new this way? Fun or weird? I haven't quite decided yet!

Tony, 26 from Kent (England)
Just a friendly guy who loves meeting new people from different walks of life.


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